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Kilty Pleasures Book 1

Coming August, 2020 from Carina Press

Dr. Ainsley Graham is cultivating a reputation as an eccentric. Two years ago, he catastrophically ended his academic career by publicly claiming to talk to ghosts. When Joachim Cockburn, a WWI veteran studying the power of delusional thinking, arrives at his door, Ainsley quickly catalogues him as yet another tiresome Englishman determined to mock his life’s work. 
But Joachim is tenacious and open-hearted and despite himself, Ainsley is intrigued. He agrees to motor his handsome new friend around to Scotland’s most unmistakable hauntings. If he’s successful, Ainsley might be able to win back his good name and then some. He knows he’s not crazy--he just needs someone else to know it, too. 
Joachim is one thesis away from realizing his dream of becoming a psychology professor, and he’s not going to let anyone stop him, not even an enchanting ginger with a penchant for tartan and lewd jokes. And, too, there’s Ainsley’s quirky and inexplicable mannerisms, all of which seem to point to an obvious, albeit increasingly uncomfortable, conclusion. But as the two travel across Scotland’s lovely-- and definitely, definitely haunted-- landscape, Joachim’s resolve begins to melt. And he’s beginning to think that an empty teaching post without the charming Dr. Graham would make a very poor consolation prize indeed… 


About the Author

Ella Stainton teaches history’s scandals to teenagers near Richmond, Virginia. She’s lived in most Mid-Atlantic states where you can catch blue crabs, as well as four years in Sweden, and a year in Scotland (where she visited lots of haunted castles with her scientist father). She doesn’t mind eating Ramen all year if it means she can hop on a plane during summer break, and has visited around 30 countries. Which equals a lot of Ramen. Ella has four fur babies and four without fur (or children, as she likes to call them). She particularly likes ’80’s Eurotrash synth music, glitter eyeshadow, and men in kilts. Even better if they are all three together.

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Publishers Marketplace: 

Debut author Stainton kicks off her Kilty Pleasures series with this unique, thoughtful gay romance set in 1920s Scotland. Academic Ainsley Graham falls into disgrace after he says he’s able to hear voices that speak to him from the beyond. Psychologist and WWI veteran Joachim Cockburn arrives at Ainsley’s elegant manor to, as he says, “get a clue about the workings of Graham’s mental instability.” Trouble is, when Joachim arrives, he manifests his own previously unknown talent for clairvoyance (after, amusingly, first being mistaken for a gigolo). Though Joachim fights his attraction to Ainsley, their undeniable chemistry draws the men together as Ainsley works to convince Joachim of the supernatural by taking him on a tour of Scotland’s most haunted sites. Stainton admirably tackles heavy psychological subjects head on—among them anxiety, depression, and survivor’s guilt—but stays true to the time in which her book is set, leading to outdated language and attitudes that will earn the approval of historically minded readers, but may turn off the more sensitive. The lively prose and unusual plot charm, and a solid cast of supporting characters (both alive and dead) bolster the tale. Stainton is sure to win plenty of fans. Agent: Jennifer Grimaldi, Chalberg & Sussman. 



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